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DevTeam STEM scholarship

Scholarship Sponsored by DevTeam.Space

Scholarship Value: $1,000
Awards Available: 2
Award Deadline: Mar 01, 2020

At DevTeam.Space, we value education and the chance to help those in need. Year after year, STEM careers are growing in demand. We know this because we too have top-level STEM experts working for us on various software projects. This is why we want to help as many students as possible to gain the opportunity to become data scientists, technology experts, engineers in the field of renewable energy, or mathematicians.

At DevTeam.Space, we full believe that education is the foundation for a prosperous future.

In an effort to make things a little easier for students and their families, we are pleased to offer a bi-yearly $1,000 scholarship to individuals who are currently attending or planning on attending an accredited United States college or graduate school in the near future.


A) Essays or infographics must be submitted by March 1, 2020, 12 PM PST via the official form.

B) Applicants should include their name, address, and phone number.

C) The applicant should state where they are currently attending or planning to attend school.

D) No additional information should be included.

E) Once the application deadline has passed, essays will be reviewed and judged based on the following criteria:

F) Responsiveness to the question

G) Grammar and style

H) Thoughtfulness and originality

I) Persuasiveness of the arguments presented

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