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How to Become a Computer Systems Analyst

Bachelor's degree

The majority of computer systems analysts have some kind of bachelor's degree in a computer-related field. Degrees in computer science are popular; however, not required. Certain firms hire analysts with a liberal arts or business degree with skills in computer programming or information technology.

Education & Training

Computer systems analysts benefit from classes in managing information systems and other business classes as they are directly involved with the business side of a company. Technically complex jobs often require a master's degree. Certain employers prefer an MBA or a master's in business administration.

Technical degrees are common with computer systems analysts; however, these degrees are not always required. Numerous analysts have obtained their technical experience and programming expertise elsewhere. Many analysts have a liberal arts degree.

Continuing education is constant throughout their career as it is vital to remain competitive within the industry. Technological advances are occurring at an exceptionally fast rate within this field.

To understand the business field they are working in, certain analysts may wish to include additional courses related to their field. Those working in banking for example, need to understand finance.

Skills and Qualities that will Help

Analytical Skills: Analysts need to interpret information from numerous places and be able to decide the best way to complete a project. Understanding how any changes affect the project are vital as adjustments may have to be made.

Communication Skills: Analysts work with the IT department and management as a go-between to explain technical issues in a way that will be easily understood.

Creativity: Analysts are tasked with finding solutions for computer systems. Having the ability to approach issues in an open-minded way is vital to their success.

How To Advance

Computer analysts can gain experience and advance to lead teams of analysts via a project manager position. Certain individuals may wish to become chief technology officers or IT or information technology directors.